chronophotograph from the late 1800s (pre cinema) by Étienne-Jules Marey

B L A C K  C A TAMAZING SPIDER-MAN #194 (July 1979)Art by Keith Pollard (pencils), Frank Giacoia (inks) & Ben Sean (colors)

The Boreal Forest, Canada
The Canadian Boreal Forest  is one of the biggest forests and wetland ecosystems which are still left on the face of the earth (a Boreal Forests are also known as ”Taiga”). The Canadian Boreal Forest has a very large populations of wolves, grizzly bears, and woodland caribou. The Canadian Boreal Forest contains about 1.5 million lakes which are 80% earth’s fresh water (excluding frozen areas) also some of Canada’s largest lakes can be found there.  In Alberta, around 90% of cutlines (almost a decade later) have not yet regrown and mark the earth as man made scars(Cutlines are narrow and linear features created as a part of geophysical surveys). Instead cutlines accumulate water and become small canals.

Untitled, 2012, by Victor Man
Oil on linen mounted on wood, 27 x 19 cm.Gladstone Gallery, New York

Photo by Erwin Blumenfeld

Oxford Paper Company Advertisement featuring a Rose Marie Reid Swimsuit c. 1959

The Golding Time by Colin~Johnson
2013, approx. 8”W x 8”H, Mixed Media on Wood.